Alternative for OpenX OnRamp

A week ago, users of OpenX OnRamp were ‘just’ wondering what they should do about the OpenX Market being closed off for them starting February 16, 2013. But then, completely unexpected, and without any warning, a much more urgent problem emerged when OpenX decided to shut down the OpenX OnRamp service on Saturday February 9, leaving their websites with blank ad spots, advertisers with no service and publishers without revenue.

So now that OpenX OnRamp is gone for good, are there any alternatives? Of course there are!

Some publishers have migrated to other ad servers by now. Others have downloaded (zip file) and installed a copy of OpenX Source on their own server and replaced the invocation code on their site(s), perhaps with something smart like Single Page Call. If you did, don’t forget to disable the OpenX Market plugin, since it won’t work any way after today.

Hosting for OpenX Source ad serverHowever, if you want to continue using the ad server system you know and love, but don’t want to spend time and energy on installing and configuring the software, there is another option: OpenX Source hosting. Also read the blog post on this alternative for OpenX OnRamp. This OpenX Source hosting service is not free, like OnRamp was, but it is more affordable than you might think. Just fill out the form and you will receive all the information in your inbox.

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