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From the web to the app – linking an OpenX Source ad server to smartphone apps

The world’s favorite open source ad server, OpenX Source, was first developed in 1998. In those days, all we had were websites, and a need to display, measure and manage the ads on these sites. Most people didn’t even have a mobile phone, let alone a smart one. Today, there are actually more people using a smart phone to access the internet than a computer at home or the office. On the small screen, we often use apps in addition to the mobile browser. But almost always, advertising is the source of the revenue that enables web and app publishers to create and distribute their content, information, and features.

If you have an OpenX Source ad server to power the ads on your site, it’s a only logical that you want the use the same infrastructure for your apps. However, this is not a simple as it sounds. App developers would like to have an easy yet powerful way to display the ads in the app, preferably without the need to get a deep understanding of the ad server’s technology and capabilities. In short, they will start looking for a Software Development Kit (SDK) to be used in their development environment. Unfortunately, such an SDK for OpenX Source does not exist. Fortunately, we plan to change that.

I’m considering to initiate a project to develop and publish an OpenX Source – mobile SDK for app development, with the following goals:

  • Simple yet powerful communication between the OpenX Source ad server, and apps on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices;
  • Compatible with the IAB’s MRAID standard for mobile rich media advertising;
  • The whole inventory served by OpenX Source ad server to monetize your inventory for web and mobile.

The project will most likely also include a plugin for the OpenX Source, to add the required capabilities to the ad server.

I’m keen to find out how big a market there would be for an SDK for OpenX Source, and that’s why I’d like to invite you to submit the form below and let me know about your interest. In return, I will keep you informed about the project, its developments and results.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please fill out the form below to inform me that you would be interested to learn more about the development of a mobile app development SDK for OpenX Source.
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