OpenX Source v2.8.10 released for download

A new version of OpenX is available

Version 2.8.10 of OpenX Source has been released and is available for download immediately. This new release addresses security issues, according to a message that is displayed to OpenX Source system administrators when they log in.

The new version can be retrieved from the OpenX download server: download OpenX Source v2.8.10.

With the help of fellow OpenX consultant Matteo Beccati, I’ve completed a full code comparison of the new version in relation to the previous version 2.8.9. We’ve established that there are only a few files that have actually been altered, and there are no changes in the database other than updating the version number. Since a full upgrade procedure can be a lot of work, especially when there is a large database involved, it may be beneficial for some people with technical expertise to directly apply the security fixes to an existing v2.8.9 installation.

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