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OpenX Ad Server v2.8.5 released for download

OpenX Ad Server v2.8.5 released for download

OpenX Ad Server v2.8.5 has been released for download, but I don't recommend upgrading (yet).

Without any form of publicity, have released version 2.8.5 of the OpenX Ad Server. There are a few strange things about this release, which makes me hesitant about recommending an upgrade.

  • First of all, I wonder what the official status of this release is, since it hasn’t been formally announced like all previous releases. At the time of this writing, it’s been offered on the site for at least 10 days.
  • Secondly, if you look at the OpenX Developer site, this version isn’t marked as ‘completed’, symbolized by the wrapper about the package icon of all previous versions.
  • Thirdly, looking at all of the issues that are listed for version 2.8.5, a few of them still show a status of ‘unresolved’.
  • And finally, work is already under way for the development of version 2.8.6, which must mean that version 2.8.5 has a few known bugs that require fixing.

Since it’s been so quiet about the release of version 2.8.5, I haven’t really had time yet to give it a good test drive. For the time being, it is my recommendation to stay with version 2.8.3.

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