OpenX Ad Server v2.8.2 released for download

OpenX Ad Server v2.8.2 released

OpenX Ad Server v2.8.2 released

Just before the weekend, version 2.8.2 of the OpenX Ad Server was released. This new release had been announced a few days earlier.

What’s new?

The major changes in this version are in fact invisible to the naked eye. The team have said that they’ve fixed problems in the previous release that sometimes resulted in over or under delivery of contract campaigns. Another fix is for campaigns with companion positioning enabled, preventing the display of blank zones in some specific situations. The new type of invocation code for Facebook apps that was recently added to OpenX Hosted is unfortunately not part of this new v2.8.2. download release. Most likely this is a separate plugin that is not provided to download users.

Should you upgrade?

I just completed an upgrade procedure for my own OpenX 2.8 reference installation, and all went perfectly fine. This new release also contains upgrades to a few of the plugins that come with the standard download package. And the extra plugin that I have in my system as a test was upgraded without any problems.

If you run version 2.8.0 or 2.8.1 on your own site or server, an upgrade is a must, if only because of that security problem that was fixed. I do recommend doing a proper test upgrade on a copy. And of course: make backups!

OpenX Ad Server version 2.8.2 can now be downloaded from the OpenX website.

Update October 20

The availability of OpenX Ad Server v2.8.2 has now been announced on the OpenX weblog. The announcement also has a link to the release notes. If you want to know all the details, there is a complete overview of all 113 changes on the OpenX developer site.

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