OpenX community event Amsterdam – looking back

The Oranjerie building at the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

On Thursday November 13, 2008, a group of OpenX publishers gathered in the beautiful Laranjezaal at the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam for the first ever OpenX community event in The Netherlands. In addition to Dutch users, there were also delegates from France, Austria and Monaco. I had the privilege of hosting the event, organized in close cooperation with London.

We started the day with a quick overview of OpenX, for the benefit of people evaluating the software. Then we focused on some of the new features in the recently release version 2.6. Single page call got a lot of praise, as did page URL targeting. Then Joan Blaas, managing director at MobzMedia, presented an intriguing case study about how they used OpenX as the ad server for the mobile edition of the world wide soccer site I want to thank Joan for presenting this case and giving us some insight about the technical challenges of showing ads on mobile devices.

After lunch, we started with some advanced features in OpenX, like geotargeting, page URL targeting and various techniques and features to target ads based on content classification and member data. We also briefly touched on the feature in OpenX that allows for dynamic replacement of placeholders with site data, conversion tracking and delivery of ads in e-mail newsletters.

The second half of the afternoon had a focus on the future. The new OpenX hosted and OpenX Market were greeted with enthusiasm. Since OpenX Hosted runs on the 2.7-beta release of the software, I could give the audience a sneak preview of the improvements in the user interface, and I could demonstrate how easy it is for a publisher to participate in the OpenX Market.

We also discussed the API that was introduced with version 2.6, allowing external systems to manage inventory and pull statistics. After a short discussion about options for scaling was followed by a questions and answers session.

One of the objectives of these community events is to bring OpenX users and publishers together. This seems to have worked well. I saw many business cards, phone numbers and e-mail addresses being exchanged. And I noticed people were comparing their best practices and industry insights.

Looking back, I can say I really enjoyed hosting and presenting this event, and I felt very fortunate to meet so many OpenX users. I want to thank all community members for participating, and for making this event a success. I even had some requests to make this into a yearly event, and I’ll certainly consider doing just that.

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