OpenX Hosted and Market launched

Today marks a special day for OpenX, because of the launch of two new offerings: OpenX Hosted and OpenX Market.

OpenX Hosted is a mostly free, hosted version of the well known ad server, available over the web, saving publishers from installing, configuring, maintaining, upgrading and worrying. OpenX Market is a new way for publishers to monetize their web site through an open market place of advertisers and publishers.

Both of these new services have been in the making for some time, and I’ve had the privileges of sneak previews, demos and actual beta testing. It was as far back as September 2007 when Scott Switzer, the founder of OpenX first told me about both ideas when I met him in Amsterdam.

Scott, congratulations on the launch today! This brings OpenX into a new phase, and I’m really excited for you and the OpenX team.

You can read more about OpenX Hosted and OpenX Market on the OpenX website. And of course, you can still download your own copy and install it on your own server, just as usual.

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